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Due to the current global environment and terrorist threat, together with modern security measures the use of explosive detection dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many sectors.


The benefits of utilising Search dogs to increase the protection of your staff and premises are tangible in that they are effective, efficient and extremely versatile.


All LAPA Canine Search handlers are from a military background. All have experience of working in a wide range of different environments.

Explosive Detection
What are the benefits of using dogs to detect explosives?

There are many benefits to using detection dogs. They are specifically trained to detect explosives and are extremely versatile, efficient and effective and can operate in a number of different environments.

Our explosive detection teams provide solutions for almost any environment such as, mail room facilities, cargo areas, screening and filtration facilities, vehicles, public areas.  Our detection dogs are trained to give a Passive indication. This preserves forensic evidence and reduces the likelihood of the device being activated unintentionally.

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