LAPA Canine Search is a vastly experienced and thoroughly professional specialist dog training & operational company. We offer expertise in Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Bed Bug detection and bespoke search dogs to suit individual requirements. Our dogs are all trained in house by our own qualified trainers and handled by our own fully qualified handlers who specialize in each skill set.

Our trainers are NASDU and BIPDT qualified as well as being ex UK Armed Forces. The company has recently been requested to take on the role of assessors for Dog teams accredited by the Bed Bug Foundation, therefore enabling us to ensure the standards are maintained throughout the search dog industry. We can provide training covering all aspects of dog work including GP and search work. LAPA Canine search are experienced in many operational areas including the searching of venues, vehicles, hotels, residential addresses, people (passive drug dogs), aircraft (including wide bodied) and many other areas besides.

LAPA Canine Search are not a pest control company so we therefore have no conflict of interest between finding Bed Bugs with our dogs and then receiving monies for treating infestations. Our dogs are externally assessed by a member of the Bed Bug Foundation Canine assessment team thus ensuring that you are getting a professionally trained and qualified search team. Our dogs and handlers regularly carry out continuation training in order to maintain the team’s operational effectiveness

LAPA Canine Search is a family run business with honesty, integrity and professionalism at the heart of everything that we do.  

Head Of LAPA Canine Search - Jim Cameron

Jim Cameron, Head of LAPA Canine has been handling and training dogs professionally since 1987, when he qualified as a Royal Air Force (RAF) Police Dog Handler.  During his very successful service career, he served at various locations both in the UK and overseas.  He qualified and gained valuable experience by carrying out operational tours as an Arms and Explosive Detection Handler and Drugs Detection Handler (Passive and Proactive).  Highlights of his military career included: winning the UK RAF Police Dog Handling Trials for RAF Police Dogs and Drug Detection, manager of a Specialist Dog Handling Search Detection Section in Northern Ireland and being employed with a prestigious role within the RAF Queens Flight (Air Transport for the Royal Family and Government of the UK).

Since retiring from the RAF Police in 2008, he has been employed in the private security sector and has carried out numerous operational searches in the various canine disciplines, gained further valuable experience and worked alongside the Police (Olympics, London, 2012), Customs (France) and other overseas organisations.  As a well known, respected and professional dog trainer and handler, he is qualified as an Instructor (PTLSS), NASDU Trainer, BIPDT Trainer / Assessor and Bed Bug Foundation Canine Assessor (UK).  As a result, he continues to share his knowledge and experience with the training, development and assessment of numerous dogs and handlers.


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Our trainers are NASDU and BIPDT qualified as well as being ex UK Armed Forces


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