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The link between organsied crime, terrorism and drugs is now fully acknowledged. LAPA Canine Search offers a pro active solution to counter drug activity in and around licensed premises, events, schools, and universities, working closely with our clients to create a safer environment


Our Drug Detection dogs offer clients a high profile solution to the misuse of drugs or can be used in a covert operation if required.

Drug detection dogs can be used to passively search people at venues, events and areas where there are a large number of people.

Drug Detection dogs can also be used to search buildings, vehicles, places of work, aircraft, ships, public transport, shopping centers and many other areas.

What are the benefits of using drug detection dogs?

Our drug detection dogs are highly trained and able to detect the slightest scent of an illegal substance.

The dogs are trained to give a passive response when they detect any illegal substance that they are trained to find

Drug Detection
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