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While it can take hours for a human pest controller to search through an entire room, tearing apart furniture and ripping out floor boards to visually locate these offending bugs, dogs can smell the presence of live infestations in a given area within minutes.

We are not a pest control Company and have the hotels best interest at heart. saving you time, loss of earnings and loss of reputation.

Proactive approach

This, if planned as a workable system, can prevent litigation.

It would clearly show a duty of diligence towards your staff and clients. A full yearly plan of scheduled visits will need to be documented with further back up search reports provided when each of the searches have been completed. This paper trail would be utilised in any court action taken against your company and be admissible in court as a safeguard to any action against your hotel group..

This is deemed to be the best practice in order to keep on top of any outbreaks of bedbugs in areas/rooms  by carrying out regular proactive searches.

Reactive approach

If an infestation is reported to LAPA CONTROL, A search team will be dispatched to ensure that the spread of the bugs is kept at a minimum. A 4 Hour response (where possible). We are conscious that we are working for you in helping you find and eradicate infestations as quickly as possible and have a responsibility to stem any additional costs that may be charged to you by the pest control company without due justification.


We understand the need to define where the bugs are and that we can quickly identify the rooms requiring treatment  and give the all clear to rooms in the surrounding area.

The use of dogs allows us to quickly identify infected rooms therefore allowing you to treat these rooms as soon as possible, and also allowing the surrounding areas/rooms given the all clear to go back online and therefore saving you money.

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